Translation of the documents, references for embassies, passports, manuals and other types of texts - all these you can order in Glebov translation agency. Besides of technical, financial and other types of text we can translate the documents for your registration:

  • birth certificate translation
  • marriage certificate translation
  • translation of different references

Professional translators often say that there is no more difficult and more simple task than translation. And it is easy to believe, especially if you take into consideration all the peculiarities of the translation process. The translator should perfectly know not only the language he/she is working with, he should perfectly know the sphere he/she is working with. At the same time the translator should take into consideration any connotations as for the cultural, social or emotional issues. Moreover, translator should always remember about language cliché, taboo and proverbs. In the international practice the translation into language is always done by a native speaker. It helps to guarantee the maximum level of readability and easy perception of the ready text.

There are many different classifications of translations types depending on the style of information transfer, type of the translated text, text structure and target purpose of translation. In our translation agency we classify the translations depending on the type of the translated text, and that is why we use the following terminology in our translation agency:

  • translation of technical texts
  • translation of legal texts
  • translation of statutory documents
  • translation of audit reports and recommendations
  • translation of personal documents
  • translation of advertisement materials
  • translation of medical texts etc.

In any case, the main purpose of translation is to find the semantic equivalent of the text in target language for the text in source language. The “quality translation” notion first of all depends on the target usage of this translation. If you know the purpose the translation will be used with, you will be able to easily identify the target audience and depending on it, you will be able to polish your translation in a needed way. For example, to translate the scientific article you need to be very attentive to details, and here you can sacrifice the aesthetic form of the text. When you translate the audio file that will be used as a sound track for the film, you need to pay attention to the timeline of the phrase: the time to pronounce the translated phrase should be the same as the time to pronounce the original phrase otherwise the actors will just move their lips, but the TV audience will hear nothing or vise versa. And when you translate the literature, you should pay careful attention to rhythmic, content and to the form of the translated text. That is why the translation technique that is supposed to be the best variant in one case will be absolutely unacceptable in another.


The main purpose of translation is to create a text that will correspond to the original depending on the circumstances or depending on the conditions. The ain task of the professional translator is to be invisible and to transfer the text meaning without drawing any additional attention to his/her professional and technical skills that are of vital importance during the translation process. Quality translation is always easy to see: the text is easy to read, the meaning of phrases can be understood at the first glance and there is no need to reread the sentence several times. The main criteria of the quality translation is the readability of the text. With purpose to guarantee the maximum level of quality our translations are always proofread by the professional editor.

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The editor in chief of rome-catholic edition "CREDO" the father Mykola Myshovskiy interpreted the Bible story about the Tower of Babel, described the traditions to celebrate Whitsunday, explained the principles for liturgy and the usage of languages.
Questions about apostille and legalization
To facilitate the process of information search, the employees of Glebov translation bureau summarized all the questions about apostille, received most often from our customers, and we prepared simple and understandable answers.
Glebov translation bureau became an official partner of Klitschko brothers fan club
Glebov translation bureau became a new official partner of Klitschko-brothers fan club. We offer a flexible system of discounts for translation services and for group lessons of foreign languages for all members of Klitschko-brothers fan club.