About Glebov company

Glebov translation bureau works on the translation services market of Ukraine since 2009 and was set up by a family of translators. If you take a look at the archive documents or just pay more attention to some pages from history, you will find the following translators with Glebov surname:

  • Glebov Alexander Ivanovich (1722-1790)
  • Glebov Sergeii Ivanovich (1736 - 1786)
  • Glebov Dmitrii Petrovich (1789-1843)
  • Glebova – Sudeykina Olga Afanasievna (1855-1945)
  • Glebov Iuriy Vasilievich (1963)
  • Glebova Ekaterina Iurievna (1985)

Now the translation bureau provides translation, apostille, legalization services. Besides there are also Russian and Ukrainian language courses for foreigners. Following the market trends we add new services all the time. Our clients can be sure that working with us they will receive the high quality translation at a reasonable price.

Our clients are always satisfied with the level of our services and with the work of our managers. Quality translations done by our certified translators make our customers come back again and again.

We are always glad to work with you.

David Zweig: interpreters must not care about gaining attention for themselves.
David Zweig, a writer, lecturer and musician, agreed to give interview in support of our project “It is cool being a translator”.
Mykola Myshovskiy: translator / interpreter builds bridges of understanding among people
The editor in chief of rome-catholic edition "CREDO" the father Mykola Myshovskiy interpreted the Bible story about the Tower of Babel, described the traditions to celebrate Whitsunday, explained the principles for liturgy and the usage of languages.
Questions about apostille and legalization
To facilitate the process of information search, the employees of Glebov translation bureau summarized all the questions about apostille, received most often from our customers, and we prepared simple and understandable answers.
Glebov translation bureau became an official partner of Klitschko brothers fan club
Glebov translation bureau became a new official partner of Klitschko-brothers fan club. We offer a flexible system of discounts for translation services and for group lessons of foreign languages for all members of Klitschko-brothers fan club.