Glebov Translation bureau
03049, Kyiv, Bryullova street 12, of. 5

Prices and payment

Here you can find the information on our prices so you will be able to calculate the average sum for interpreting/translating services. You may pay in cash, as well as the non-cash payment is also avaliable. All the documents for your accounting department are sent by post or you may collect them when visiting our office.

Please, pay attention to the fact that when you order interpreting services you pay at least per three hours of an interpreter's work.

When you order the translation of the documents for embassies, for documents about marriage etc., please bear in mind that you should give us the correct spelling of your name and surname, as it should be the same in all your previous documents.

When you order the translation of founding documents (charter, articles of association etc.) please keep in mind previous translations of such documents, and if you have already translated documents for this company, please provide us with the names of founders and the name of company, more precisely its spelling in previous translations. Otherwise the proper names will be translated in accordance with the requirements and instructions for translation of proper names.

We work with all the languages and to evaluate the price of translation, please send us the request message.

Language translation of 1 page
(1800 symbols with spaces)
English 120
Arabic from 400
Hungarian from 250
Dutch from 200
Greek from 200
Hebrew from 200
Spanish from 160
Italian from 160
Chinese from 400
Latin from 360
Moldavian (Romanian) from 160
German from 160
Persian from 422
Polish from 160
Portuguese from 200
Russian/Ukrainian from 60
Serbo-Croatian from 200
Slovak from 180
Slovenian from 180
Turkish from 200
French from 160
Czech from 200
Swedish from 422
Estonian from 400
Japanese from 422

* When you order interpreting services you should pay at least for 3 hours of an interpreter's work.


High-quality interpreting for different events not only in Kyiv, but also all over Ukraine.

Russian and Ukrainian for foreigners

Glebov company offers Ukrainian and Russian courses for foreigners in Kyiv. The best quality-price ratio.


Translation of texts from various fields of knowledge with the best quality-price ratio.


All the translations can be certified by notary or be our seal.