Translation of financial documents

Financial translation must be the most accurate since some financial terms in daily use have absolutely different meanings. Financial records translation can be compared to translation of medical records or work of the court interpreter: each word has a great meaning.

When translating financial records there may occur some difficulties connected with various realias which are encountered in financial and economic systems of the different countries. Besides, it is necessary to consider that terms of performance of translations are very often limited and therefore we trained a team of professionals who can perform translation in a very short time.

Quality assurance

  • only skilled translators who obtained a degree in the sphere of finance or passed special training on translation of financial documentation can deal with translation of financial documentation
  • we use dictionaries and terminology accepted by the international financial organizations, and editorial reading ensures uniformity of the translated text

Important aspects one should pay attention to when translating financial records:

  • Figures and numbers. It is the most important part in financial reporting, that is why it is inadmissible to change their location. It is very important to keep punctuation and writing of figures since the principles of writing of fractions / decimal numbers may differ in the source and target languages.
  • Special attention should be paid to financial terminology and search of equivalents in the target language system
  • Abbreviations and acronyms since the meaning of these units in the financial sphere and in the sphere of the general use are very often different

Working with our translation agency you can be sure that only qualified and skilled translators deal with your documents. We offer translation of the following types of documents:

  • audit reports
  • balance and financial report
  • business plans
  • cashflow statements
  • credit reports (references)
  • financial records
  • guidelines (recommendations) on financial records
  • tax reports
  • insurance documents
  • private and public securities offering
  • licenses
  • constituent instruments, etc.

Translation and Interpretation

Peculiarity of financial records translation is that in certain cases after translation it is necessary to perform interpretation of the obtained data. The point is that in the different countries the system of taxation, reporting forms and other documents differ very strongly. Even the balance form in different countries will look differently, let alone different clauses in the balance sheets. Therefore, please, pay attention to the fact that while working with foreign-language financial documents after translator's share you may request assistance of skilled expert in the international reporting for a real assessment of financial condition of the company.


You can be sure that all documents submitted will be kept in absolute confidentiality. We understand the volume of damage which may result in case of information leakage about financial data, therefore, we keep strict watch on confidentiality compliance.

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