Editing and Proofreading

We can offer you "editing", "proofreading" and "correction" service of your ready translation. Please, pay attention that quality standards are strictly observed in our translation agency and all our translations are profread by the editor, including but not limited to spelling and grammatical mistakes:  strict proofreading of the text is carried out so that translation coincides 1:1 with the original not only extrinsically, but also in the sense relation.

But it is not necessary to think of the editing process as of mechanical and uninviting one. The best thing is to think of editing as the process of creation of a great image. When editing ready translation is compared to the original text (it is still called a source), thus the translated text is considered as a complete unit. The editor not only checks such things as a choice of words and required terms, but also considers clarity of the text, its expressiveness, coherence, use of slangy or special lexicon as well as observance of the general style of the text. Therefore, in order to obtain a high-quality translation, it is necessary not only to carry out line-by-line verification with the original, but rather consider the next moments:

  1. Whether translation precisely renders the meaning of the original?
  2. How far terminology and style in translation correspond to the original and how far they will be understandable to the target audience, i.e. those who will use the ready translation in daily activity?
  3. How consecutive is the ready translation (it is extremely important when some translators are involved in translation process)

If editing is a big process, correction and proofreading are a process when you look at this image through magnifying glass and carefully check each millimeter of paint. At this stage the main objective is to clear a target text of "foreign matters" and make it legible and perceivable for the target reader. Thus, many experts recommend to completely forget about the original text, since correction is that process when the text starts living its own life.

Special attention should be paid to the following:

  1. general style of the text;
  2. mechanical moments – correctness of words spelling, writing of words from the capital letter, punctuation, abbreviations or acronyms, numbers and figures;
  3. sentence structure – complex and compound sentences, arrangement of commas, readability of separate sentence fragments, etc.;
  4. regional distinctions – use of measurement units, local proverbs and sayings, etc.

Depending on style of the text and character of your order the abovementioned list can be either expanded or narrowed, but after correction the translation should always be ready to use.

What is a difference and what is in common between editing and proofreading? The editor must be an expert in two languages, and the proofreader can be monolingual. The editor should be well knowledgeable in this or that area so to understand correctness of terminology usage  and to bring the text to the uniform style. The proofreader can be an expert in this or that area or not , but the proofreader should understand clearly the styles of the text and be aware of what character should carry the text depending on the target audience.


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