Quality interpreting – that is what customers want to get, that is what every interpreter should strive to, and that is the main specialization of our translation agency. International intercultural communication is becoming more and more important every day, and more and more people understand that they need an interpreter. And the interpreter is the link not only in language terms, but in cultural terms as well. We can state that according to the years of experience and acquired professional skills.

As opposed to translation, where there are accepted international quality standards both to the end product, and to the process itself, interpreters often work under considerable psychological pressure, and undoubtedly the quality of interpreting depends on preparation stages and on the interpreter-customer relations.

Today when the quality management is becoming more and more important and popular, the issue of quality interpreting is also very important. The conference interpreter should be paid adequately, and at the same time the customer, who is paying, wants to see the end product of a good quality. The quality of interpreting, especially at the conferences, should be evaluated in the following manner: (1) interpreting from the point of view of the client; (2) interpreting from the point of view of the scientist; (3) interpreting from the point of view of the conference participants; and (4) interpreting from the point of view of the interpreter.

In the early period of the interpreting development after the Second World War the future candidates for the position of the interpreter were not only required to know the needed language pair, but also they should be able to concentrate, freely understand the language, have high level of self control and be very calm, watchful and careful, and also to have very sharp articulation. Today in addition to these requirements a lot of standards were developed the main purpose of which is to guarantee the best quality of interpreting. Especially important is the high level interpreting at the international European organizations. Here to become an interpreter you need to pass the test not only to check the level of your language, but you also need to know the structure of this organization. The only one purpose of it is to guarantee the quality interpreting. A lot of government bodies before they hire a candidate for the position of an interpreter ask to interpret the speech of any politician. Very often during such tests to evaluate the quality of interpreting the written texts in source language are used. Then the text is translated into the target language, and the quality level is determined according to the acceptance of the obtained translation for the target audience. And by the way no recordings are made and the interpreting is evaluated at the spot taking into consideration such parameters as language sprightliness and easy perception, speech quality and loudness (clearness). With the time being interpreting started to see as the optimum balance between internal and external factors, which influence the interpreting process, and between the reaction of the audience.

You should also remember, that there are different types of interpreting, and there are different requirements for every type of the interpreting process. In our translation bureau we are very strict while choosing the interpreters for this or that project: negotiations, presentation etc, because these specialists bear very high level of responsibility and very often the company image depends on them.

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Questions about apostille and legalization
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Glebov translation bureau became an official partner of Klitschko brothers fan club
Glebov translation bureau became a new official partner of Klitschko-brothers fan club. We offer a flexible system of discounts for translation services and for group lessons of foreign languages for all members of Klitschko-brothers fan club.