Translation into Russian or from Russian

Translation into Russian from Ukrainian is of vital importance for any translation bureau or agency. The need in translations into Russian, when the translation is certified by the notary, is dictated by the requirements of the legislation system, that stays: all the official documents should be in state language. As in Russia the state language is Russian, so all the documents, that will be used on the territory of Russian Federation, even the Ukrainian passport (despite the fact that it is in two languages), should be translated into Russian. Moreover, all the translations should be certified by the notary.

You cat order translation of Russian passport or other documents in Russian (birth certificate, permission for marriage etc.) into Ukrainian. All the translated documents can be certified by notary.

Russian – is one of the most spread languages all over the world, it is one of the UNO working languages, unlike the Ukrainian, and is widely spread on the territory of former Soviet Union. In 2008 a research was held, the main aim of the research was to identify the place of Russian language in the world. In most cases in the former soviet republics there was a positive attitude towards Russian language, especially in Georgia, Moldova and Armenia. For example about 64% of respondents in Georgia declared that learning a Russian language is very important for their children, and 75% in Armenia accordingly.

At the moment Russian language is among the most wide spread languages of the world spoken by the population of the Globe. But in some post-soviet countries the learning of Russian language is associated at the older generation with russification and with obligatory lessons from times of communism. After Soviet Union collapse Moscow put a lot of efforts to emphasize and to support the meaning of Russian language as the language of communication and trust, language of great literature and world science. But some defenders of local languages said that the spread of Russian language is the sign of imperialism and appealed to their compatriots to speak their mother tongue.

But when you remember about the issue on the language used by the population as mother tongue, a lot of people from former soviet union say that it is Russian language. The most people saying like that were in Belorussia (92%), Ukraine (83%) and Kazakhstan (68%). At the same time only in three former republics the Russian language preserves the status of official language: Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan.

The Russian language itself belongs to indoeropean family, Baltic and Slavic branch, Slavic group, east Slavic sub group. The related languages are Ukrainian and Belorussian. In the modern alphabet of Russian language there are 33 letters. Russian language – it is a synthetic language and may be that is why it is so difficult for foreigners to learn it. Syntetic language – that is the language where the words are joined into the sentence with the help of endings. Moreover, the Russian language has the category of gender, number, characteristics of alive and not alive objects.

You can order the translation into Russian contacting our managers by phone or by e-mail. We have a request - if you have any documents that were translated into Russian before us, please give us the information on how the proper names are written.

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