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Translation Signed and Stamped by Notary

Notarial translation is a trivial name for definition of translations certified by notary. Notarial translation means that the notary certifies fidelity of signature of translator who performed the translation of documents. Thus, the responsibility for correctness and fidelity of translation lies on the translator, and even criminal liability is provided for the translator for wrong or inaccurate translation in some countries.

Notarial translations are necessary for registration of foreign entities in the territory of Ukraine, registration of foreign citizens, marriage registration with foreigners, departure abroad for work and in many other cases. Notarial certification of translations stipulates that it is sewn to the original document or to its certified copy. There are nuances as for certification of various documents. For instance, during certification of labour books the notary can certify only the closed labour book. If the labour book is open, notarial certification requires the copy of the labour book available in HR department, all sheets have to be stitched, with seal affixed, and at the end there should be an inscription "stitched and numbered … pages".

We call your attention that for translation of proper names (in particular, names of companies and organizations), as well as of names and surnames there can be some various options of spelling. Therefore, it is very important to adhere to uniformity and consistency in all documentation. We strongly urge you to provide spelling of proper names, names and surnames in Ukrainian in there any previous translations. If it is a matter of translation of personal papers for embassies, it is necessary to provide the manager with spelling of a name and surname according to your foreign passport. In certain cases, depending on the type of documents and on the country of origin, the original documents should contain an apostille.

Terms of performance of notarial translation depends on the volume of provided documentation and can range from 1 hour to several days. Refer to our managers for detailed information on certification of translations.


Apostille and Legalisation

Delivery time: from 1 day

In our translation bureau you can have your documents apostillied or legalised, the documents should be issued in Ukraine.

Notary Certification

Delivery time: from 1 day

Translation certified by notary – translation with further certification by the notary, this type of translation is needed to give the documents to official institutions.

Certification with Translation Bureau Seal

Delivery time: day-to-day

It is possible to certify the translation with the seal of translation bureau if it was made by our translator or checked by our editor.

Documents Delivery

Delivery time: from 1 hour

We can deliver the document to any place you specify./p>