Glebov translation bureau invites students on practice

Glebov translation bureau invites students of linguistic and philological specialities for practical training before they receive a diploma. Work in the field of translations with our specialists will help you to feel all the peculiarities of translator’s work, you will find out how to prepare the documents and you will have an opportunity to take a look at the translation laboratory from inside.

For practical training we invite students graduating from departments of translators of linguistic and philological specialities. During the practical all the students will be offered to translate text of the needed language pairs. The volume of translation will depend on the duration of practical training. The practice in our translation bureau will give you an opportunity to:

  • try using the obtained skills of the translator in practice;
  • get acquainted with the experienced colleagues, that will share their experience with you with a great pleasure;
  • feel the taste and peculiarities of being a translator;
  • find out about the peculiarities of work with orders for translation of films, video and audio files;
  • have an idea of work of the interpreters with notaries, judges and other government and private bodies;
  • communicate with direct customers to find out their requirements and desires for how the translation should be made.

«We are always glad to welcome young specialists that having graduated the university decided to work as a translator in our company. The education of future coworkers for further work in the company is an integral part of our long-term development strategy, and young specialists are the best investment in our future. As they will be responsible for the image of our company among clients in few years», - Iuriy Glebov says, the owner of translation bureau.

To get more information on practical training, please call by phones 063 211 70 19, 067 409 98 69, and also send your applications to e-mail: In the theme line, please write «practical training». In the body of the letter identify the languages you work with, the duration of the practical training and contact phone numbers to have an opportunity to reach you. At the end of practical training the best students will be offered the work of translator or editor assistant. We are waiting for your applications.

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