Translation of tattoos

I think that it is not necessary to remind about the serious and considered attitude towards tattooing. Especially, if that thing you are going to tattoo touches upon translation or already is translated from another language. There is definitely no need to be in a hurry with such things.

Due to the researches in 2002, 8 from 10 women voted to be the most beautiful women of the planet were tattooed. Many of these tattoos were translated. In 2006 “Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology” published data that every fourth woman aging from 18 to 50 has tattoo. And again, considerable part of the tattoos is the translations. Besides the incredibly popular search service word “tattoo” is always requested with the word “translation”. Search of the words as “tattoo” was performed and is performed almost in all range of languages. However, according to the researches held in the USA showed that more than 80% of respondents are not regretting about their tattoos and still there is the growth of “entertaining” web-sites about mistranslated tattoo.

Dr. James Morel, California State, said that already several people have come to him with the request to rub off a tattoo. They seem to choose their tattoo in the tattoo-parlor believing that it is translated in the way they were informed. Almost none of them spend time on attesting rightness of translation resorted to the professional translators or translating agencies. They risk to be shocked about the true meaning of their tattoo.

Tattoo – is the thing remained for the whole life. If you make a tattoo you won’t to get rid of it so you need to think over the sketch very carefully and thoroughly. There are a few interesting stories which compel to ponder over tattoo proceeding. Vince Mattingly from Great Britain wanted to tattoo on arm his name in Chinese hieroglyphs and as a result he has got a tattoo with translation “coca-cola”. Ann Tennbery, the USA, wanted a tattoo “Freedom” and got “Free love”. Lee Becks was very upset realized that the inscription on his arm in Chinese hieroglyphs “Love, Honour and Humility”, indeed is “This is freak in fact”. He gave a pretty sum for extirpating of it and moreover to bear all the tricks and jokes about this.

Such stories make us think before we do something on our body. This is because we perform it for messaging some particular idea or endow it with some particular meaning.

So before tattooing yourself – be sure in the professional skills of the translator and don’t rely of the foreign language knowledge by your friends and relatives. Trust your translation only to experts not to cause unnecessary problems. Check the quality of the translation at the translation bureau you are going to address and never trust to chance.

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